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About me

I am Vivien, a graduate psychologist with a strong passion for sports and activity. Ever since my early childhood, sport has been a part of my life. In primary school, I played soccer with my brother and his friends on the football pitch. When I turned 8, I started to do performance-oriented judo. Although I’ve put my club career aside at the age of 16, a life without sport was still unthinkable for me. Whether it’s volleyball with friends, lanes in the swimming pool, relaxing yoga or exhausting exercise in the gym, nothing feels as lively as movement.

On the other hand, I am also someone who likes to think and learn. I discovered my desire for research early in the course of my studies. Apart from ambitious goals, this also involved a lot of time sitting down. I could spend some time during my studies intermittently making a few movements here and there, but m
y office chair kept me firmly under control by the time of my promotion. Although I managed to do an hour of sport most days after work, in reality my life had been shaped by sitting. At first I did not think about it, because after all, I was a sporty girl.

In the search for a suitable subject for my doctoral thesis, however, I came into contact with the topic of “sitting” for the first time from a health perspective. I was surprised how bad sitting could actually be for quite athletic people. And I was also surprised that there was only so little research and especially such short-term research work in this area. From then on, the idea has not left my head anymore and has become even a vocation out of a purely professional occupation: life is too precious to be easily handed over to the seat cushions in this world. Our body needs exercise just as much as it does for the air we breathe and for the food required for our energy intake. No other basic need is treated as negatively as our natural urge for movement. Ultimately, every step counts, whether it’s going to the supermarket, cruising through the city, wandering in the mountains or jogging through the tree rows in the park.

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